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A Tale of Arms and Ale is a story-driven RPG, in which you take on the role of a stereotypical high-fantasy barkeep in the city of Kastonia. In order to keep your family’s bar afloat while your parents take a year-long sabbatical, you must tend bar and cater to the various needs of your eccentric patrons. Some just come to drink, but others come with a lust for adventure. 

However, in the wake of a cataclysmic event that shakes the city to its core, you find yourself in the midst of a political war between the city's major factions. With your network of eager adventurers, they'll soon turn to you for aid. It's up to you to decide whose vision for Kastonia is just, and determine the fate of the events to come.

What will you do?


This game is currently in early alpha, and is being developed by the following folks:

Nathan Bowdish - Systems Design and Programming

Nathan Choquette - Lead Programmer

Hannah Evans - Artist

Ryan Nolan - UI and UX Design

Andrew Rines - Narrative and Systems Design

Drew Smith - Lead Artist

If you enjoy our demo, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to follow us on Twitter for developer updates, and email us with any bugs/suggestions (or if you're interested in getting in contact with us otherwise), at armsandale@gmail.com.

Thanks for playing!


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Hello! I really enjoyed your game! I'm hoping that you will finish it soon as I want to play more!

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Nice game so far :) I was just... curious - why is this game 'tagged' erotic? 

Thanks for catching that! I'll untag that posthaste.

Ah. So it was by accident. Shame. I wouldn't have minded a date once in a while with one or two patrons haha. But good thing I mentioned it then :) 

Haha, good to know- we'll keep that in mind! ;)

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